Great Ride: Ride The Fells Without A Mountain Bike

Carolyn sent in this great ride.

I’m without MTB at the moment, so my version of the Fells loop is on the road. The mapped route above starts and ends in Davis Sq. Just cycled this loop for the first time last night and it was a fun little roller coaster ride. The downtown Medford run-around is screwy on the way out there, would love suggestions for ways to get around that because you can’t go straight through the intersection to Forest St. Also please warn readers to be careful on the rotary just south of the Fells, they will be competing
with motorists exiting 93 and they’re coming off pretty hot.

Click here for full route info.

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3 Responses to Great Ride: Ride The Fells Without A Mountain Bike

  1. Ron Newman says:

    Riding straight across Medford Square, from Main Street northbound onto Forest Street, is perfectly fine and safe. Just watch the traffic light that faces east onto Salem Street. When it’s red, Forest Street has the green and you can go.

  2. Chris says:

    As Aaron mentioned, just before you cross the river before Medford Sq, you can cross over on a footbridge to the left of the car bridge. That bridge puts you onto High Street at the corner of Governors Ave. You could reverse the direction of your loop this way – and I think you’d hit less of that over-93 rotary.

  3. Aaron says:

    Avoiding Medford Square is tricky. In my experience, the ideal solution is to end up crossing Route 16 and the river on Winthrop Street, turning right on High Street, left up Governor’s Avenue, then a right on Lawrence (you could also take Winthrop directly to Lawrence.)

    You can get to Winthrop by going up Holland to Teele, then take a right on Curtis. This turns into Winthrop after passing Tufts when you cross Boston Avenue. Added benefit: Passing right by the Danish Pastry House.

    Alternatively, you can wind through the neighborhood across the river from where Governor’s hits High Street, then cross Route 16 (there is a pedestrian light) and cross the river on a little footbridge and you’re right at the base of Governor’s Avenue.

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