The Goal

I constantly hear stories about awesome rides that happen in and around Boston. People share routes, destinations, secret places etc. I wanted to collect these rides in one spot so everyone can check them out.

If you have a ride that you have done lately that starts or ends in and around Boston and you would like to share it with the world, contact me.

Ideally you should send a link to a map of the route (mapmyride, bikely, gmap pedometer, google maps, etc), a description of the ride, and notes on anything else awesome about the ride (ice cream, hills, great views, little known path, interesting part of the city, etc). Also if you have pictures link to them as well.

To help spur action, the first person to send in a route with a map, and notes, will get the book “Lance The making of the world’s greatest champion” free of charge sent to them.

I will continue to offer prizes for routes submitted so keep sending them in!

About Boston Biker

I started this website to give all the bikers of Boston a place to share and enjoy their wonderful bike culture!
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  1. Tea says:

    I hate this ride during summer. The path is jammed with uneducated walkers who think they have some right over cyclists. Once it gets cold just like Charles River path they’re nowhere to be scene!!

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