Great Ride: Davis Sq to Andover

Another great ride from Ron.

Here’s an amazingly quiet and pretty route from Davis Square to Andover. I discovered this route a few years ago when biking to the Bread & Roses Labor Day festival in Lawrence. From Andover you can get an MBTA commuter train back to Malden or Boston.

click here for full size map

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Great Ride: Davis Sq to Horn Pond in Woburn

Ron sent in this great ride

This is one of my favorite quick getaways from the city. It takes beautiful, quiet Mystic Valley Parkway through West Medford and Winchester, then an obscure off-road path to Woburn, and finally circumnavigates Horn Pond, mostly on roads and paths closed to car traffic.

View Davis Square to Horn Pond and back in a larger map

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Great Ride: Ride The Fells Without A Mountain Bike

Carolyn sent in this great ride.

I’m without MTB at the moment, so my version of the Fells loop is on the road. The mapped route above starts and ends in Davis Sq. Just cycled this loop for the first time last night and it was a fun little roller coaster ride. The downtown Medford run-around is screwy on the way out there, would love suggestions for ways to get around that because you can’t go straight through the intersection to Forest St. Also please warn readers to be careful on the rotary just south of the Fells, they will be competing
with motorists exiting 93 and they’re coming off pretty hot.

Click here for full route info.

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Great Ride: Out To Walden Pond And Back

Another great ride from Mike, this one is a 45 mile loop out to Walden pond and back. This loop utilizes the minuteman bike way which is a great ride, I have done something very similar but took the minuteman back again. Walden pond is a great bike destination as you can get a good ride in see some awesome sights, and not pay for parking!

View Esplanade to Minuteman bike trail in a larger map

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Great Ride: 35 Mile Loop Around The City

Mike sent in this great ride which was inspired by Hub On Wheels. It incorporates the south west corridor, the harbor trail and several other nice sections of town.

View SW Corridor Park to Water Front 2 in a larger map

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Great Ride: Boston Common To Arnold Arboretum Loop

Mike sent in this awesome ride that gives a tour of two of Bostons nicest green spaces, the Boston Common and the Arnold Arboretum.

View Arnold Arboretum in a larger map

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Great Ride: Boston Harbor and Castle Island

Matt send in this great ride (and won a book about Lance!)


Here is one of my favorite rides in the city. it starts where I work, but you could pick up the trail anywhere in Boston and follow Summer St out to the ocean and Fort Independence / Castle Island. From there, follow the super-wide sidewalks and boardwalks down the coast to a gazebo just a bit north of the JFK museum. If you like, there is an off-road path to the museum itself, or you can wind your way around the streets to get there if you prefer. a couple of different ways to do this route:

(starting in Cambridge/Boston)

(starting at the JFK museum and looping back)


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The Goal

I constantly hear stories about awesome rides that happen in and around Boston. People share routes, destinations, secret places etc. I wanted to collect these rides in one spot so everyone can check them out.

If you have a ride that you have done lately that starts or ends in and around Boston and you would like to share it with the world, contact me.

Ideally you should send a link to a map of the route (mapmyride, bikely, gmap pedometer, google maps, etc), a description of the ride, and notes on anything else awesome about the ride (ice cream, hills, great views, little known path, interesting part of the city, etc). Also if you have pictures link to them as well.

To help spur action, the first person to send in a route with a map, and notes, will get the book “Lance The making of the world’s greatest champion” free of charge sent to them.

I will continue to offer prizes for routes submitted so keep sending them in!

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